Events Form

Host a private event with Sunny's! Relax while we host your shopping event in store or on site at a different location. We love to partner with local groups, businesses or our frequent shoppers.  Minimum of 15 guests required to host an event.  Sunny's will provide drinks and refreshments, as well as a storewide discount during the event.


Fill out our event form below to get started! Copy/Paste these questions with your answers into the comments box below.  We will get back to you promptly!


  1. Please provide your name and contact information (and the group/organization name, if applicable).
  2. When are you looking to host an event? Note: Must be outside of our regular business hours.
  3. Would you want to host the event in-store or on-site at a different location?
  4. How many guests would be invited?  How many guests would you expect to attend?


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